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See how myON helps educators and communities create personalized literacy experiences while instilling a love of reading!    

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Team with myON to beat the summer slide. We’ve got the bases covered with our resource toolkits and reading challenge!

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Our Literacy Ecosystem is built upon five pillars:  Personalization, Unparalleled Content, Unlimited Access, Collaboration and Success. 

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Oxnard School District Sets One Billion Word Summer Reading Challenge

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN) July 14, 2016 – myON, a business unit of Capstone and leading provider of personalized literacy solutions in the K-12 marketplace, and Oxnard School District are joining forces to reach the district’s goal...

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Cousins' Day
Cousins: Revised Edition
Celebrate Cousins' Day! Sometimes they are as close as a sibling. Who knows-- they may turn out to be your best friends!

Mikaya Press Wonders of the World

Founded in 1995, Mikaya Press titles has earned a reputation for thorough research, impeccable design, beautiful illustrations, fascinating archival prints and photographs, useful maps, charts, timelines, the beating heart of each book is always...