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Title I funds can be used to help students learn to read and read to learn with myON.  Here's how. 

The myON team provides a series of fun, themed campaigns to encourage students to keep reading year-round.
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How My District Uses Digital Books to Close the Achievement Gap --> http://ow.ly/ku4P30fO174 

Marion Oaks is excited! myON goals are set and prizes are waiting. Let the reading begin!! 😍📚📚📚📚👍🏻🏆🏅🎉

4 days left to join in on the Spooktacular Story Contest! Your story could be published in More info --> http://www2.myon.com/Spooktacular 

Did you know myON Classics packages are available at no cost to current myON subscribers? More info--> http://ow.ly/CJqP30fTBpm 

O is for October and O is for Outrageous! Read all about some OUTRAGEOUS inventions!

How ‘early exit’ prepares students for the 22nd Century https://www.eschoolnews.com/2017/10/02/early-exit-students-22nd-century/ … via

Who else ❤️ 2 read on myON?!

Today's webinar with was fantastic! ICYMI, catch the recording in the archives at https://oaesa.org/account/ . Thanks !

Fall means football season! Read all about the history of the sport right here in the !

How My District Uses Digital Books to Close the ELL Achievement Gap

A documented reality across our nation is the achievement gap between English language learners (ELLs) and non-ELL students. Research has repeatedly shown that language barriers are a significant obstacle to academic achievement in mathematics...

Simply the Best!

Edtech Digest | October 10, 2017

IN CLOSE WITH | Yvonne R. Zamora

The principal of Mims Elementary in Mission, TX, Yvonne Zamora shares her thoughts on building a society within her school and why she wishes social media had never...

Today we observe
National Pasta Month

Use your noodle and start reading! Elbow, Wagon Wheel, Bow Tie, cook your favorite and eat away while Celebrating National Pasta Month, YUM!