Make Good Choices: Your Guide to Making Healthy Decisions

Sunday, December 31, 2017
Make Up Your Mind Day
Make Up Your Mind Day is today. Eventually, the decisions you put on hold need to be decided upon. Well, today is the day. Make your resolutions.

Every day we're faced with choices. Skip breakfast or grab something on the run? Study for that test now, or wait until the last minute? Some choices are harder than others, especially when it comes to something others are doing that you know isn't right. But you can be the one in charge. Learn how to handle difficult choices. Then face your day with confidence. It's a tough world out there, but when you're armed with the facts, you'll know what to do.

Author |Schwartz, Heather E.
Lexile |670L
Pages |32
Genre |Nonfiction
Reading level |3-4
Interest level |3-9
Guided reading |T
Lexile |670L