Oxnard School District

Oxnard School District   |   Oxnard, CA

For a child isolated by poverty, reading can be a critical path to escape—a link both to worlds of better possibility and the foundational skills to get there. But in this coastal city where nearly every child in the 17,000-student Oxnard K-8 school district comes from a poor family, ready access to books and other reading materials is a huge barrier. That’s why Superintendent César Morales, 41, has used the Oxnard district’s 1-to-1 tablet initiative as a starting point for a massive bilingual-literacy program, to develop a deep love of reading in English and Spanish among his students and their families. With myON, they have access to just-right books for online and offline reading. 

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Date Range 
November 2014 to August 2016
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Books Read 
Time Spent Reading 
146,489 Hours