Ride that Roller Coaster! Forces at an Amusement Park

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Roller Coaster Day
How do Roller Coasters and other amusement park rides work? Take a behind the scenes look at forces in action with some of your favorite rides!

How does a roller coaster work? Why don’t I fly off a scrambler or octopus ride? How do bumper cars work? Covering lots of different rides, including traditional, more tame rides such as roller coasters, helter-skelters and bumper cars, to more white-knuckle screamers such as scramblers, loop-the-loops, gondolas and corkscrews, Ride that Roller Coaster! takes a fun look at forces in an amusement park. While learning about forces you will find that you also find out the answers to many questions that you have asked yourself about how amusement park rides work, and more. This Feel the Force series shows how forces and motion work in the world around us, in a set of high-interest situations. Each book includes three simple activities or investigations for readers to try. Overlays over large photos, plus diagrams, show how forces are acting in a given situation. Topics covered in the series include basic pushes, pulls and friction, air resistance, gravity, mass, weight and springs.

Author |Spilsbury, Louise; Spilsbury, Richard
Lexile |1,080L
Pages |48
Genre |Nonfiction
Reading level |3-6
Interest level |3-6
Guided reading |V
Lexile |1,080L