The Tall Tale of Paul Bunyan

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Paul Bunyan Day
Who is Paul Bunyan? How tall was he in real life? Was he even real? Learn more about Paul Bunyan on Paul Bunyan Day.

The legendary woodsman Paul Bunyan was the biggest man who ever lived. He had wagon wheels for shirt buttons, and his axe took an entire town a whole month to build! One day, Paul finds a big blue ox frozen in the snow. He nurses the behemoth back to health, and names his new companion Babe. The two travel the land, and clear the way for settlers who will soon follow.

Illustrator |Blecha, Aaron
Lexile |540L
Pages |40
Genre |1
Reading level |1-3
Interest level |2-6
Guided reading |L
Lexile |540L