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Expand your core library with targeted collections that address specific needs and goals

Titles for every grade range

Through our Publishing Partner Program, optional add-on packages are available to extend any myON subscription. The myON team works with world-class publishers to design the best possible packages aligned with the overall myON content strategy. 

Collections from our Partner Publishers include titles for every grade range, from PreK through Grade 12, in a mix of fiction and nonfiction, that address literacy and teaching goals across the curriculum. 

Popular themes include:


Subject-intensive deep dives into STEM, Social Studies, early-reader science nonfiction and more.

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Culturally Responsible

Culturally-responsible collections of fiction and nonfiction titles that support English Language Learners.

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Early Literacy

Pre - K packages that feature beautiful illustrations and support read-alongs for the youngest of readers.

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Spanish and Dual-Language

Collections of Spanish and dual-language (English and Spanish) titles for PreK–Grade 12, encouraging fluency in both languages.

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Hi-Lo Fiction

Specifically for students who are reading below grade level, like middle school-appropriate thrillers and mysteries that are written at a 3rd grade reading level.

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All myON subscriptions include a core library containing thousands of titles from Capstone's strong family of imprints, with new titles added on a regular basis.

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myON is bringing complete time-tested, unabridged classics for middle and high school to current subscribers at no additional cost.