Measure Reading with Reading

Real-time data, not just quiz scores! While traditional methods of measuring reading rely on quizzes and end-of-year results, myON incorporates new technologies that enable seamless measurement to monitor student engagement and reading growth as they occur, all year long.
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How it works

myON provides answers to commonly-asked questions about student reading engagement that offer insights into whether students are on the path to reading proficiency and growth.

  • Are students reading?
  • When are they reading?
  • What are they reading?
  • What are their special reading interests and preferences?
  • How much time are they spending reading?   

Data such as the number of books browsed and read, the types of books students are reading, the number of words and pages read, time spent reading and whether reading occurs during out of school hours, is seamlessly captured within the myON environment while students are reading.

All of this data is transparently available right on each student's dashboard, along with results of embedded Lexile(R) assessments and optional end-of-book quizzes. 

Educators can access student data and assessment results on their dashboards, as well. 

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Progress monitoring with myON : Embedded Lexile assessments and optional end-of-book quizzes within the myON environment enable seamless measurement of student engagement and growth. Results are transparently available to students, educators and administrators.