Progress monitoring with myON. Embedded Lexile® assessments and optional end-of-book quizzes within the myON environment enable seamless measurement of student growth. Results are transparently available to students, educators and administrators.

Lexile Assessments

Through our partnership with MetaMetrics, creators of the Lexile® Framework for Reading, assessments that provide data on student reading ability are embedded to enable real-time monitoring of student reading growth over time. 

Placement Exam

When students log into myON for the first time, they are prompted to take an age-appropriate Lexile® Placement Exam that measures their current reading ability.  

Benchmark Assessments

Once students begin reading with myON, Lexile® Benchmark Assessments are automatically generated by the system. Additionally, educators can manually schedule a Lexile® assessment whenever needed.   

Reports based upon Lexile® Assessments provide actionable data for educators about whether students are reading books within their “just right” range (100 Lexiles below and 50 Lexiles above their current reading level), how frequently they are taking benchmark exams to monitor their growth, and whether they are on target to meet growth goals established by their teachers

End-of-Book Quizzes

Comprehension quizzes can be enabled when students finish reading a book. Quizzes measure understanding of the main idea, recall of supporting details, vocabulary, interpretation, and inference. 

Quizzes are comprised of five questions that are randomly selected from an item bank for each title and presented to students on a single screen. Students receive immediate feedback on their responses once they have completed the quiz. If a student re-reads a book, a set of new questions will populate within the quiz.

Reports based upon quizzes provide overall scores as well as breakout information on each question type — main idea, supporting details, vocabulary, interpretation, and inference — to help educators identify which skills students may need to develop further. 

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Twelve reports that capture student engagement and growth are designed to give educators customized information on student progress in these key categories: Usage and Proficiency, Growth Over Time, and Habits and Trends.