Real-time Data Reporting

Standardized reports for educators

myON provides standardized reports to help monitor student engagement and growth. These reports are easily accessible and are available for download in easy-to-use formats.

There are specific reports for teachers, librarians and administrators. Students can access their own data, as well, empowering them to take ownership of their reading growth. 

Sample list of available myON reports

  • Lexile Scores - Review the reading progress students have made, which is measured using the Lexile® Framework for Reading.
  • Books Finished - Find out how many books students have completed in myON.
  • Time Spent Reading - See how much time students have spent logged into myON and reading books. Data from offline reading is also included in this report.
  • Quizzes - Determine the number of quizzes students have taken and their average scores.
  • Reading Tools - Evaluate who is using the reading tools (highlighter, sticky notes, reading journal and more) and how they are using them.
  • Reading Performance - Identify all student reading activity in myON. Data can be sorted and exported easily. Metrics include Lexile change, number of books browsed and  read, the number of pages read, the number of words read, time spent reading.
  • Title Usage - See what students are reading and identify the most popular titles.
Sample report

The sample report above shows time spent reading, a measure of student engagement, which is monitored seamlessly while students are reading with myON.