Measure Reading with Reading

Real-time data, not just quiz scores   

While traditional methods of measuring reading rely on quizzes and end-of-year results, new technologies like those that underpin myON enable seamless measurement to monitor student engagement and reading growth as they occur, all year long! Watch as Todd Brekhus, myON president, explains in this   brief video

How it works

Number of books browsed and read, number of words and pages read, time spent reading -- along with student use of literacy tools that allow them to highlight, annotate and more within their own digital copies of the text -- are captured within the myON environment. 

All of this data is available in real-time right on each student's dashboard, along with results of embedded Lexile(R) assessments and optional end-of-book quizzes that are also part of the myON platform. Educators can access student data on their dashboards, as well. 

Why it works  

Research shows that students tend to read more when they have choice and ownership over their reading and learning. That's the core concept behind myON!  

Because myON provides unlimited access to thousands of digital books that match each student’s interests, grade and Lexile® level, and flexible scaffolds that make texts even more accessible for all readers, students naturally want to read more. Literacy tools enable students to foster close connections to the text, further increasing engagement and comprehension.

The more students read with myON, the more information they, their families and their teachers have available – literally at their fingertips – about their reading activity and growth. This information empowers students and informs their families, while helping their teachers monitor progress and differentiate instruction.

That's what measuring reading with reading is all about!

What forward-thinking
school leaders are saying 

“We’ve seen a phenomenal amount of books read and time spent reading, which is a key focus in our school. We really believe in the volume of reading and the impact it has on children as readers … we were looking for myON to help drive engagement.” 

Katy Turner, Technology Integration Specialist
Munford Elementary School, AL

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“We ask kids to read 20 minutes a night at home … The success they experience with myON has accelerated their reading and academic growth.” 

Larrinda Witt, Principal
Edgar Murray Elementary School, MO

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“Student interest is critical. As students have learned to use myON, it has taken on a life of its own. myON is an accelerator for those reading at grade level. And the book narrator really helps for emerging readers, as well as ELL and LEP students.”

Dr. Rosalind Burroughs, Principal
Budewig Intermediate School,  TX 

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  District Administration Leadership Summit 

Dr. James Stelter, Superintendent of Bensenville Elementary District 2, IL, and and Dr. Michael Murphy, former Superintendent of St. Clair R-13 School District, MO and now Superintendent of Fountain Lake School District, AR, discussed how their districts are measuring reading with reading during the July 2016 Summit. 

View the recorded session