Literacy Tools

Reading and writing tools foster deep connections to the text

Our literacy tools support the development of reading and writing skills in learners and provide educators with an opportunity to model, review and evaluate learning activities. Reading and writing tasks can be assigned by teachers to individuals and groups.  Educators can view student activity online to quickly identify learners who need assistance and communicate directly with them -- all within the myON environment

Close/Active Reading Tools

Because learners have their own copies of any digital book within the myON environment, they are able to interact with them in ways that would not be permitted, or even possible, with shared physical texts or e-book subscriptions. When they are in the book reader, they can access the following tools to support their reading and understanding of the text. 


Practice reading skills while responding to and interacting with the text, and easily show evidence in the digital text.

Drawing Tool

Identify important concepts in photos and illustrations throughout the book.

Sticky notes

Make notes while reading, document theories and ask questions; and can be attached to highlighted text.


Create on-page shapes that can be repositioned, resized, change their color, and be removed.


Create long text notes within the book reader that then can be accessed within the user’s Account Journal.

Citation Creator

Teach formats and help reduce plagiarism by showing the importance of citing sources.

Writing Tools

Our writing tools make it possible for students to respond to the text, and complete projects that have been created and assigned by their teachers, right from their dashboards.  

  • Essay Writer – helps students build upon authentic literature and targeted reading practice by allowing them to respond to the text and monitor their work, down to word count for their entries (includes the Reading Journal)
  • Checklist – educators can set a checklist to show students how their work will be evaluated
  • Peer Reviews – optional setting within the student essay section allows students to see and comment on each other’s work

NEW Graphic Organizers

Help readers create a mental picture of the information in a text and can be used for a variety of purposes, enabling students to organize their thoughts before writing, during writing and after writing as part of a checklist.  Twelve (12) Graphic Organizers have just been added to our collection of Writing Tools:

  • Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Character Map
  • Event Timeline
  • Knowledge Map (Semantic Map)
  • KWL Chart
  • KWL-S Chart
  • Main Idea and Details
  • Make a Prediction
  • The Five W’s
  • Think, Pair and Share
  • Venn Diagram
  • Word Meaning 

Click on theses images for a closer look at some of our reading tools.

Close/active reading tools

myON Reader literacy tools showing examples

Reading tools - highlighter

Literacy tools with freeform drawing tool

Twelve graphic organizers you can add to Projects

Students can add to text right into graphic organizers