Daily News Articles

myON News delivers authentic reporting on timely topics and current events through a series of five daily news articles, 52 weeks a year.

Student-centered approach 

Every news article is written by professional journalists and reviewed by a child psychologist to ensure they are age-appropriate for K-8 students. Articles are available in English, Spanish and French, with recorded audio, and presented at three Lexile(R) levels. 

Coverage includes high-interest US and world news as well as arts and entertainment, sports, science and technology, animals, wacky news and kids in the news. Each article incorporates engaging multimedia -- videos, slideshows and photo galleries -- to help students better understand the news. Accompanying maps show where news is occurring relative to the location of the reader. 

If student accounts also grant them access to the myON digital book library, their myON News subscriptions will include book recommendations for each article to encourage further reading on topics of interest.  

myON News current edition view.

myON News front page view

Article view, with sidebar options for settings and to see extra media.

Article view

Maps show where news events are occurring relative to the reader. 

Each article includes multimedia resources like videos and photo galleries.

Supports digital and media literacy 

Articles are written to engage and empower learners with authoritative information, further supporting digital and media literacy.  News is presented in an easy-to-navigate format that is accessible on the myON platform with any web-enabled device.  

Real-time monitoring of student engagement is captured seamlessly within myON, with reports transparently available to students so they can monitor their own reading. Metrics for educators include the number of articles students have read as well as the categories and articles that are most popular.    

Wondering how the editors at myON News decide which articles to publish each day?

View this video interview with the editor-in-chief to find out!